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Each of us daily from morning to night repeatedly, see different foods, desserts and drinks with our eyes, taste them with our tongue, smell them, touch their warmth and coldness , and percept them in our depth and enjoy. These are all the feelings that give meaning to our lives, making us enjoy life, cause to have close friendships together, to recall sweet memories, and to feel happiness. Less blessing is in the nature that at the same time can affect all our senses to this extent, and impact upon our depth of emotion. This is the phenomenon that since of birth and throughout life is repeated for all of us several times. Now we are proud to be inspired by the nature that has the best and the most beautiful things in its , and by combining art, science, creativity and innovation create and produce a wide variety of natural flavors and colors that will gift the health, and sense of joy and freshness to consumers. We have always tried to be a trusted companion for our business partners, and by understanding their needs help them to choose the best options of flavors for their product portfolio, and help them to minimize their risks and set their team up for success in competitive domestic and foreign markets.

In this respect, based on knowledge, efforts and creativity of our young professionals, modern laboratory and manufacturing facilities and extensive studies during several years on various regions and cultures, we are able to design and mass production of a variety of flavors for use in the dairy, beverage, sweet goods, meats, snacks, sauces and canned products and for use in public level. We hope that with the efforts and perseverance of Iran's hard-working young professionals, the country of art and science, and the cradle of the best foods, desserts and drinks forever, we can gain the very valuable and worthy place in the flavor and fragrance industry of Iran, the middle-east region, and the world, and can introduce our unique flavors as a local and national identity to the world.